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Title Created Date
Clark Gillies Foundation gives $50,000 for sarcoma research at CSHL Dec 30, 2015
Unusual drug target and drug generate exciting preclinical results in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer Dec 21, 2015
New method prevents cells from prematurely halting protein production in certain genetic illnesses Dec 14, 2015
Discovery of a new X-linked intellectual disability syndrome is aided by web communication tools Dec 03, 2015
CSHL neuroscientist Anthony Zador is named a “Top 100 Global Thinker” of 2015 Dec 01, 2015
Unassuming “Swiss Army knife”-like protein proves lynchpin in a new cancer drug’s therapeutic action Nov 30, 2015
Masthead Cove Yacht Club raises over $7000 for CSHL cancer research at annual race Nov 25, 2015
Regeneron’s Dr. George D. Yancopoulos Elected to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees Nov 19, 2015
First direct evidence for synaptic plasticity in fruit fly brain Nov 17, 2015
Addition of sugars plays a key developmental role in distantly related plants Nov 16, 2015
10th Double Helix Medals Dinner raises record $4.5 million for biomedical research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Nov 10, 2015
Student wins 1st Breakthrough Junior Challenge prize and his school gets a new state-of-the-art science lab designed by CSHL Nov 06, 2015
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) research bolstered by $50,000 gift from Friends of TJ Oct 20, 2015
Ride For Life gives $300,000 for ALS research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Oct 20, 2015
Introducing the mighty Panoramix – defender of genomes! Oct 14, 2015
CSHL Fellow wins 2015 NIH Early Independence Award for cancer research Oct 06, 2015
Approach or buzz off: brain cells in fruit fly hold secret to individual odor preferences Oct 06, 2015
14th Women's Partnership for Science raises over $200,000 for disease research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Sep 30, 2015
Research connects specific variations in RNA splicing with breast cancer causation Sep 30, 2015
Genetic analysis supports prediction that spontaneous rare mutations cause half of autism Sep 22, 2015
Scientists sequence genome of worm that can regrow body parts, seek stem cell insights Sep 21, 2015
What’s behind million-dollar crop failures in oil palm? Would you believe bad karma? Sep 08, 2015
Dr. Evelyn Witkin, ‘golden age’ Cold Spring Harbor geneticist, wins Lasker at age 94 Sep 08, 2015
Mathematical ‘Gingko trees’ reveal mutations in single cells that characterize diseases Sep 04, 2015
12th annual LI2DAY Walk raises over $400,000 Sep 01, 2015
CSHL’s 22nd annual golf tournament raises $230,000 for research and education Aug 27, 2015
Surprised? Cholinergic neurons send brain-wide broadcasts enabling us to learn from the unexpected Aug 25, 2015
In mice, an experimental drug treatment for Rett syndrome suggests the disorder is reversible Jul 24, 2015
Joni Gladowsky Breast Cancer Foundation donates $80,000 to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jul 24, 2015
Luis A. Mejia, Ph.D., is named 2015 Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow Jul 22, 2015
The biggest beast in the Big Data forest? One field’s astonishing growth is, well, ‘genomical’! Jul 06, 2015
Revised view of brain circuit reveals how we avoid being overwhelmed by powerful odors Jun 30, 2015
July 7, 1890 – Official start of first course at the Laboratory Jun 29, 2015
125th Anniversary Open House draws hundreds to explore Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jun 10, 2015
An immune system marker for therapy-resistant prostate cancer Jun 04, 2015
Neuroscientists discover how feedback from the cortex helps mammals make fine distinctions about odors Jun 03, 2015
Pershing Square Foundation establishes $10 million endowment to support CSHL life science research May 29, 2015
Tumor surroundings are shown to affect progression of different cancer subtypes May 27, 2015
Dr. Marja Timmermans, plant geneticist, begins Alexander von Humboldt Professorship in Germany May 21, 2015
Scientists pinpoint genes that make stem cells in plants, revealing origin of beefsteak tomatoes May 14, 2015
Drs. Kepecs and Li honored with 2015 NARSAD Independent Investigator grant awards May 12, 2015
Scientists discover how a promising anti-leukemia drug harms cancer cells May 12, 2015
Using CRISPR, biologists find a way to comprehensively identify anti-cancer drug targets May 11, 2015
Scientists show the mammary gland ‘remembers’ prior pregnancy, spurring milk production May 06, 2015
Report shows Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s research and education power Long Island, State economies Apr 30, 2015
New signaling pathway discovered in HER2-positive breast cancer, and two potentially powerful drug targets Apr 20, 2015
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s 12th commencement ceremony to honor science advocates Apr 17, 2015
Cancer researcher Dr. Chris Vakoc to receive AACR’s Outstanding Achievement Award Apr 15, 2015
WSBS Dean Alexander Gann awarded Guggenheim Fellowship in science writing Apr 09, 2015
Study revises standard theory of how PTEN, a critical tumor suppressor, shuts off growth signals Apr 08, 2015
Scientists discover important communication mechanism between two brain areas implicated in schizophrenia Apr 06, 2015
Tumor cells that mimic blood vessels could help breast cancer spread to other sites Apr 06, 2015
Local business raises over $10,000 for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory breast cancer research Mar 31, 2015
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and North Shore-LIJ announce strategic affiliation to accelerate benefits of cancer research to patients Mar 31, 2015
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory thanks Nobelist James Watson for $1 million donation Mar 31, 2015
When thinking about numbers, people estimate a range rather than a single value Mar 30, 2015
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory engages Hairpin Technologies Inc. to license its short hairpin RNA (shRNA) technology Mar 27, 2015
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and GSK to develop diabetes and obesity therapeutic Mar 20, 2015
Long Island Ph.D. student wins 2015 Harold M. Weintraub award Mar 10, 2015
LI pharma executive joins Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as General Counsel Mar 09, 2015
Twin copies of a gene pair up in embryonic stem cells at a critical moment in their differentiation Mar 02, 2015
Mind-readers: scientists crack a piece of the neural code for learning and memory Feb 27, 2015
CSHL quantitative biologist Michael Schatz awarded 2015 Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship Feb 20, 2015
In a role reversal, RNAs proofread themselves Jan 29, 2015
Christina Renna Foundation Raises $30,000 for pediatric cancer research at CSHL Jan 26, 2015
Harnessing data from Nature’s great evolutionary experiment Jan 21, 2015
A new brain circuit that controls fear is identified Jan 16, 2015
3D culture system for pancreatic cancer has potential to change therapeutic approaches Jan 14, 2015
Mechanistic insights into spinal muscular atrophy suggest new paths for treatment Jan 12, 2015
New research on what the nose ‘knows’ reveals an unexpected simplicity Jan 11, 2015
Imaging method linking brainwide cell activation & behavior shows what it means for mice to have sex in mind Jan 05, 2015
A novel biomarker for mutant p53 could help pathologists assessing tumors during surgery Dec 31, 2014
Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer raises $100,000 to support breast cancer research at CSHL Dec 30, 2014
Pink Ribbon Bagels bring nearly $8,500 for breast cancer research at CSHL Dec 29, 2014
Neuronal circuits filter out distractions in the brain Dec 15, 2014
Three new trustees elected to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board Dec 11, 2014
CSHL team finds a way to make shRNA gene knockdown more effective Dec 05, 2014
Variation in expression of thousands of genes is kept under tight constraint in mice and humans, in all cells and tissues Nov 18, 2014
Double Helix gala raises record $4 million for biomedical research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Nov 13, 2014
Re-learning how to read a genome Nov 07, 2014
Some neurons can multitask, raising questions about the importance of specialization Nov 07, 2014
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory faces off against a rare cancer with launch of Sarcoma Research Project Oct 30, 2014
Getting more out of Nature: genetic toolkit finds new maximum for crop yields Oct 30, 2014
New study casts sharpest light yet on genetic mysteries of autism Oct 28, 2014
Missing sponge gene is found at ‘ghost’ site, proving our oldest common ancestor was more complex than believed Oct 24, 2014
Experts convene at CSHL to scrutinize, assess low-dose CT screening for lung cancer Oct 17, 2014
How a molecular Superman protects the genome from damage Oct 16, 2014
In a battle of brains, bigger isn’t always better Oct 07, 2014
4 CSHL scientists will contribute to President’s BRAIN Initiative under new NIH grants Sep 30, 2014
Masthead Cove Yacht Club raises $9,500 for CSHL cancer research at annual race Sep 24, 2014
13th Women's Partnership for Science raises over $200,000 for disease research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Sep 19, 2014
Gambling with confidence: Are you sure about that? Sep 18, 2014
Scientists looking across human, fly and worm genomes find shared biology Sep 08, 2014
11th annual LI2DAY Walk raises over $525,000 for breast cancer Aug 29, 2014
New understanding of a mechanism by which cells try to arrest oncogene action Aug 28, 2014
More than just X and Y: a new genetic basis for sex determination Aug 18, 2014
CSHL’s Florin Albeanu, Partha Mitra awarded NSF ‘Early Concept’ grants for neuroscience Aug 18, 2014
A shift in the code: new method reveals hidden genetic landscape Aug 18, 2014
Knowing what to keep and what to trash: how an enzyme distinguishes cellular messages Aug 03, 2014
Research may explain how the body’s foremost anti-cancer ‘guardian’ protein learned to switch sides Jul 29, 2014
CSHL quantitative biologist Michael Schatz wins prestigious NSF Early CAREER Award Jul 29, 2014
In development, it’s all about the timing Jul 17, 2014
Scientists propose how antioxidants can accelerate cancers and why they don’t protect against them Jul 10, 2014
21st annual golf tournament raises over $270,000 for research and education at CSHL Jul 09, 2014
CSHL receives $50 million to establish Simons Center for Quantitative Biology Jul 07, 2014
CSHL’s Dr. Molly Hammell named 2014 Rita Allen Foundation Scholar Jul 01, 2014
Neuroscientists explain how mutated X-linked mental retardation protein impairs neuronal function Jun 24, 2014
CSHL’s Anne Churchland named Pew Scholar and Klingenstein-Simons Fellow Jun 24, 2014
CSHL breast cancer researcher Mikala Egeblad wins DoD Era of Hope Scholar Award Jun 12, 2014
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory announces settlement in patent malpractice case against Ropes & Gray Jun 02, 2014
Unprecedented detail of intact neuronal receptor offers blueprint for drug developers May 29, 2014
Dealing with stress – to cope or to quit? May 27, 2014
Team reports validation of potentially powerful new way to treat HER2-positive breast cancer May 21, 2014
Male infertility: it’s all about the package May 13, 2014
Dr. David Spector, CSHL Professor, is elected to European Molecular Biology Organization May 07, 2014
Watson School of Biological Sciences celebrates 15th year, confers Ph.D.s on 11th graduating class May 07, 2014
Lloyd Trotman receives Pershing Square Sohn Prize for Cancer Research May 05, 2014
Research sees overlap in altered genes found in schizophrenia, autism and intellectual disability Apr 28, 2014
CSHL's Dr. David Spector is elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Apr 25, 2014
Dr. Bruce Stillman, CSHL President, wins 2014 Herbert Tabor Research Award Apr 17, 2014
Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation gives $500,000 for cancer research at CSHL Mar 28, 2014
National Science Foundation-sponsored CureNet and CSHL team to improve undergrad research in biology Mar 28, 2014
Neurobiologists find chronic stress in early life causes anxiety, aggression in adulthood Mar 27, 2014
For neurons in the brain, identity can be used to predict location Mar 24, 2014
Newly identified small-RNA pathway defends genome against the enemy within Mar 14, 2014
Unravelling a mystery in the ‘histone code’ shows how gene activity is inherited Mar 11, 2014
CSHL lung cancer researcher receives $70,000 from Swim Across America-Nassau Suffolk Mar 03, 2014
Ohr Pharmaceutical and CSHL Announce Joint Venture to Develop Trodusquemine and Related Analogs Mar 02, 2014
Research reveals first glimpse of a brain circuit that helps experience to shape perception Feb 28, 2014
Nobelist James Watson proposes an unconventional view of type 2 diabetes causation Feb 27, 2014
Like mom or like dad? Some cells randomly express one parent’s version of a gene over the other Feb 21, 2014
Researchers propose new way to make sense of ‘Big Data’ Feb 14, 2014
Scientists discover a new pathway for fear deep within the brain Feb 12, 2014
Scientists develop powerful new animal model for metastatic prostate cancer Jan 22, 2014
Unprecedented structural insights reveal how NMDA receptors can be blocked, to limit neurotoxicity Jan 21, 2014
Scientists discover two proteins that control chandelier cell architecture Jan 15, 2014
Overexpression of splicing protein involved in skin repair causes early changes seen in skin cancer Jan 02, 2014
CSHL’s Adam Kepecs receives McKnight Memory and Cognitive Disorders Award Dec 18, 2013
Genetic discovery points the way to much bigger yields in tomato, other flowering food plants Dec 18, 2013
Donation from local business bolsters cancer therapeutics research at CSHL Dec 13, 2013
CSHL’s Partha Mitra receives two awards for theoretical work with implications for brain circuitry Dec 10, 2013
Dr. Cori Bargmann, Jeffrey E. Kelter and Thomas A. Saunders III elected CSHL Trustees Dec 04, 2013
Scientists discover how leukemia cells exploit ‘enhancer’ DNA elements to cause lethal disease Nov 27, 2013
CSHL launches bioRxiv, a freely accessible, citable preprint server for biology Nov 12, 2013
CSHL congratulates Sontag Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award recipient Dr. Hongwu Zheng Nov 08, 2013
CSHL and Long Island REDC Break Ground on Preclinical Experimental Therapeutics Facility Nov 07, 2013
Robin Roberts, Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld honored at 8th annual Double Helix Medals Dinner Nov 05, 2013
$400K gift to CSHL, MIT, UCSF, Davidson for advanced technology courses for biological scientists Oct 28, 2013
Neuron ‘claws’ in the brain enable flies to distinguish one scent from another Oct 18, 2013
Study shows how neurons enable us to know smells we like and dislike, whether to approach or retreat Oct 07, 2013
CSHL cancer researcher Gregory Hannon wins NIH’s prestigious MERIT Award Oct 07, 2013
CSHL neuroscientists identify class of cortical inhibitory neurons that specialize in disinhibition Oct 03, 2013
Team demonstrates power of precision medicine in successful treatment of patient with disabling OCD Oct 02, 2013
Long Island foundation presents check for $15,000 to support CSHL lung cancer research Oct 01, 2013
Masthead Cove Yacht Club raises $6,100 for CSHL cancer research at annual race Oct 01, 2013
Hands-on genetics for K-12 students comes to Notre Dame, via licensing agreement with CSHL Sep 30, 2013
Breast Cancer Research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Sep 30, 2013
CSHL is part of iPlant group awarded $50 million to create US biology cyberinfrastructure Sep 17, 2013
Study provides big-picture view of how cancer cells are supported by normal cells in and near tumors Sep 11, 2013
LI 2 Day Walk raises $22,500 for breast cancer research at CSHL Sep 11, 2013
In odd-looking mutant, clues about how maize plants control stem cell number Sep 09, 2013
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory appoints Teri F. Willey to accelerate commercialization efforts Sep 06, 2013
First animal model of adult-onset SMA sheds light on disease progression and treatment Sep 04, 2013
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) welcomes new Corporate Advisory Board members Aug 26, 2013
4 CSHL neuroscientists win NARSAD Young Investigator awards to study autism, schizophrenia Aug 14, 2013
Full genome map of oil palm indicates a way to raise yields and protect rainforest Jul 23, 2013
Analysis of 26 networked autism genes suggests functional role in the cerebellum Jul 17, 2013
Key step in molecular dance that duplicates DNA is deciphered Jul 12, 2013
Local foundation raises $15,000 for breast cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jul 10, 2013
Cancer research brief: Targeting pancreatic cancer drug resistance Jul 08, 2013
Robert W. Lourie elected to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees Jun 26, 2013
CSHL genome researcher Emily Hodges, Ph.D., named a Blavatnik Award finalist Jun 21, 2013
20th annual golf tournament raises nearly $300,000 for research and education at CSHL Jun 21, 2013
Israel and Lavine select CSHL to announce initiative to make NY center of Alzheimer's research Jun 20, 2013
The discerning fruit fly: Linking brain-cell activity and behavior in smell recognition Jun 18, 2013
‘Ant biodiversity in the Bronx’ wins grand prize in Urban Barcode Project Jun 17, 2013
CSHL geneticists solve mystery of EEC Syndrome's variable severity in children Jun 13, 2013
Human Argonaute proteins: to slice or not to slice? Jun 06, 2013
Mathematical technique de-clutters cancer-cell data, revealing tumor evolution, treatment leads Jun 05, 2013
‘Should I stay or should I go?’ CSHL scientists link brain cell types to behavior May 21, 2013
Studies generate ‘comprehensive’ list of genes required to defend sex cells from transposons May 08, 2013
Neuroscience research brief: Rats take high-speed multisensory snapshots May 07, 2013
Scientists discover how brain’s auditory center transmits information for decisions and actions May 01, 2013
Watson School of Biological Sciences graduates 10th class on 60th anniversary of double helix Apr 29, 2013
Letters shed new light on Nobel prizes for discovery of DNA’s double helix structure Apr 24, 2013
Cancer research brief: Gone fishin' Apr 08, 2013
CSHL neuroscientists show ’jumping genes’ may contribute to aging-related brain defects Apr 05, 2013
Neuroscience research brief: Can you smell that? Mar 26, 2013
Scientists uncover source of ovarian stem-like cells prone to give rise to ovarian cancer Mar 06, 2013
A cancer-promoting protein is found to also suppress cell growth Mar 06, 2013
Researchers explain a key developmental mechanism for the first time in plants Mar 06, 2013
Unprecedented access to the great minds who led the molecular biology revolution Mar 01, 2013
Elisabeth R. Woods Foundation marks inaugural year Feb 26, 2013
CSHL scientists identify a new strategy for interfering with a potent cancer-causing gene Feb 11, 2013
Plant scientists at CSHL demonstrate new means of boosting maize yields Feb 01, 2013
CSHL neuroscientists pinpoint location of fear memory in amygdala Jan 26, 2013
Christina Renna Foundation raises $20,000 for pediatric cancer research at CSHL Jan 25, 2013
Chess and science mix for a good cause at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jan 25, 2013
Cancer scientists determine mechanism of one of the most powerful tumor-suppressor proteins, Chd5 Jan 09, 2013
Nobel laureate James Watson publishes novel hypothesis on curing late-stage cancers Jan 07, 2013
Aboff's raises over $10,000 for breast cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jan 02, 2013
Panera Bread raises nearly $8,500 for breast cancer research at CSHL Dec 19, 2012
Masthead Cove Yacht Club raises over $9000 for cancer research at CSHL Dec 07, 2012
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory honors innovation and inspiration at 7th Double Helix gala Nov 30, 2012
Bread wheat’s large and complex genome is revealed Nov 27, 2012
Scientists solve birth and migration mysteries of cortex’s powerful inhibitors, ‘chandelier’ cells Nov 21, 2012
At the cutting edge of molecular biology: 25 years of Genes & Development Nov 19, 2012
Lustgarten Foundation and CSHL create world-class laboratory focused on pancreatic cancer research Nov 13, 2012
CSHL-led team discovers new way in which plants control flower production Nov 08, 2012
DuPont and CSHL extend collaboration in cutting-edge plant biology research for 5 years Nov 06, 2012
Hurricane Sandy Assistance Resources Nov 03, 2012
Team uses antisense technology that exploits gene splicing mechanism to kill cancer cells Nov 02, 2012
Neuroscientists propose a revolutionary DNA-based approach to map wiring of the whole brain Oct 22, 2012
Biologists characterize enzymatic identity of key player in generating genome-protecting piRNAs Oct 11, 2012
NY Gov. Cuomo, at CSHL, urges faster commercialization of science discoveries Oct 05, 2012
Elisabeth R. Woods Foundation supports lung cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Sep 27, 2012
Scientists reverse Alzheimer’s-like memory loss in animal models by blocking EGFR signaling Sep 24, 2012
11th Women's Partnership for Science raises over $100,000 for L.I. genetic disease research Sep 21, 2012
Research identifies protein that regulates key ‘fate’ decision in cortical progenitor cells Sep 20, 2012
Scientists uncover mechanism by which plants inherit epigenetic modifications Sep 20, 2012
CSHL’s Dr. David Tuveson receives grant from The Caring for Carcinoid Foundation Sep 13, 2012
Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy visits Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Sep 13, 2012
Two pioneering plant genomics efforts given a funding boost by National Science Foundation Sep 05, 2012
Storm of ‘awakened’ transposons may cause brain-cell pathologies in ALS, other illnesses Sep 04, 2012
In massive genome analysis ENCODE data suggests 'gene' redefinition Aug 31, 2012
CSHL-led team introduces new method to closely model diseases caused by splicing defects Aug 15, 2012
LI 2 Day Walk to Fight Breast Cancer raises research funds for CSHL Aug 13, 2012
Long Island’s largest car show supports prostate cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Aug 01, 2012
Protein involved in DNA replication, centrosome regulation linked to dwarfism, small brain size Jul 31, 2012
CSHL’s Adrian Krainer selected for prestigious award from National Institutes of Health Jul 24, 2012
Two CSHL cancer scientists thank Gladowsky Foundation for critical support, report research progress Jul 05, 2012
An error-eliminating fix overcomes big problem in ‘3rd-gen’ genome sequencing Jun 29, 2012
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory opens new scientific training facility Jun 15, 2012
New and departing deans of Watson School of Biological Sciences praised by CSHL President Stillman Jun 15, 2012
CSHL announces collaboration to speed development of new cancer therapies Jun 13, 2012
Florin Albeanu, CSHL neuroscientist, is named a Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences Jun 08, 2012
New science scholarships awarded to NYC high school students Jun 07, 2012
‘Most comprehensive’ genetic analysis of maize plant will help raise yields, expand its range Jun 01, 2012
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Dr. Christopher Hammell named 2012 Rita Allen Foundation Scholar Jun 01, 2012
New release of Web-based resource resolves confusion over plant names May 31, 2012
Neuroscientists reach major milestone in whole-brain circuit mapping project May 31, 2012
CSHL is part of international team that sequences genomes of the “Heinz” tomato & its wild ancestor May 25, 2012
CSHL researchers solve structure of human protein critical for silencing genes May 25, 2012
CSHL Assistant Professor Anne Churchland receives 2012 McKnight Scholar Award May 17, 2012
CSHL study uncovers a new exception to a decades-old rule about RNA splicing May 17, 2012
Clusters of cooperating tumor-suppressor genes are found in large regions deleted in common cancers May 07, 2012
CSHL Professor Gregory Hannon elected to U.S. National Academy of Sciences May 01, 2012
Labapalooza! at CSHL attracts 330 guests, raises $125,000 for cancer and brain research Apr 30, 2012
A striking link is found between the Fragile-X gene and mutations that cause autism Apr 25, 2012
Live imaging shows response to cancer drugs can be boosted by altering tumor microenvironment Apr 16, 2012
Charles “Casey” Cogut elected to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees Apr 10, 2012
‘Druggable’ protein complex identified as a therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukemia Apr 02, 2012
Study shows rats match humans in decision-making that involves combining different sensory cues Mar 13, 2012
Now accepting nominations for Long Island's next generation of Nobel Prize-winning scientists Feb 29, 2012
Local painter brings 1848 whaling vessels in Cold Spring Harbor to life Feb 10, 2012
Gene mutation in autism found to cause hyperconnectivity in brain’s hearing center Jan 31, 2012
CSHL genetics education pioneer David Micklos wins Genetics Society of America award Jan 19, 2012
CSHL team introduces automated imaging to greatly speed whole-brain mapping efforts Jan 12, 2012
Acclaimed volume from CSHL Press makes Choice magazine’s ‘25 Outstanding Academic Titles’ list Jan 06, 2012
GABA signaling prunes back copious ‘provisional’ synapses during neural circuit assembly Jan 03, 2012
Study uncovers a molecular “maturation clock” that modulates branching architecture in tomato plants Dec 22, 2011
CSHL’s DNA Learning Center awarded Science magazine SPORE prize Dec 22, 2011
Genomics pioneer W. Richard McCombie of CSHL elected a 2011 AAAS Fellow Dec 22, 2011
First comprehensive DNA study of mast cell leukemia uncovers clues that could improve therapy Dec 16, 2011
New York Plant Genomics Consortium maps evolutionary relationships, gene functions for 150 species Dec 16, 2011
Unexpected signaling role for foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide in cell response to protein misfolding Dec 13, 2011
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory honors stars of science and sports at sixth annual gala Nov 16, 2011
CSHL mourns passing of Honorary Trustee and cancer advocate Evelyn H. Lauder Nov 14, 2011
CSHL team solves a protein complex’s molecular structure to explain its role in gene silencing Nov 14, 2011
Study reveals details of alternative splicing circuitry that promotes cancer’s Warburg effect Nov 02, 2011
Digitizing the Watson and Brenner papers: bringing great scientific discoveries within reach Oct 25, 2011
X-linked mental retardation protein is found to mediate synaptic plasticity in hippocampus Oct 19, 2011
Study reveals new role for RNA interference during chromosomal replication Oct 17, 2011
Study shows how “bookmarking” genes before cell division accelerates their subsequent reactivation Oct 11, 2011
Antisense therapy delivers long-term correction of severe Spinal Muscular Atrophy in mice Oct 05, 2011
CSHL team finds evidence for the genetic basis of autism Oct 03, 2011
Powerful antibody-based strategy suggests a new therapeutic approach to diabetes and obesity Sep 29, 2011
Research reveals how dynamic changes in methylation can determine cell fate Sep 26, 2011
CSHL celebrates 10 years of the Women's Partnership For Science lecture and luncheon Sep 23, 2011
CSHL team creates genetic ‘GPS’ system to comprehensively locate and track inhibitory nerve cells Sep 21, 2011
Study suggests methylation and gene sequence co-evolve in human-chimp evolutionary divergence Sep 15, 2011
Molecular chaperones traffic signaling proteins between cells in plant stem-cell maintenance pathway Aug 25, 2011
Long Island 2 Day Walk donates to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory breast cancer research Aug 23, 2011
CSHL neuroscientists show activity patterns in fly brain are optimized for memory storage Aug 18, 2011
Relationship between two mutated genes can dictate prostate cancer outcome, aid treatment decisions Aug 15, 2011
North Shore-LIJ Establishes Health & Wellness Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Aug 08, 2011
Unconventional hunt for new cancer targets leads to a powerful drug candidate for leukemia Aug 03, 2011
Plant biologists dissect genetic mechanism enabling plants to overcome environmental challenge Aug 01, 2011
CSHL scientists reveal mechanism behind ‘oncogene addiction’ in acute leukemia Jul 29, 2011
CSHL to help assemble ‘knowledgebase’ on plants, microbes, to aid US biofuel, environment efforts Jul 15, 2011
CSHL team identifies enzyme that is an important regulator of aggressive breast cancer development Jun 30, 2011
Plant scientist Rob Martienssen receives prestigious appointment as HHMI-GBMF Investigator Jun 16, 2011
CSHL structural biologists reveal novel drug binding site in NMDA receptor subunit Jun 16, 2011
Autism study validates importance of spontaneous causal mutations and sheds new light on gender skew Jun 08, 2011
Bank of America supports budding scientists in Uniondale Jun 06, 2011
Study identifies stem cell-related changes that may contribute to age-related cognitive decline May 05, 2011
Watson School of Biological Sciences commencement recognizes Long Islanders making global impact May 04, 2011
CSHL structural biologists reveal molecular architecture of key NMDA receptor subunit Apr 26, 2011
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Renews Support for CSHL Postgraduate Courses Apr 25, 2011
DNA Day for Brentwood Students Highlights National Grid Foundation Support for LI Programs Apr 21, 2011
Labapalooza! at CSHL attracts 400 guests, raises $150,000 for cancer and brain research Apr 18, 2011
Watson School of Biological Sciences Prof. Gregory Hannon honored with major mentoring award Apr 14, 2011
CSHL team perfects non-lethal way of switching off essential genes in mice Apr 13, 2011
Researchers identify therapeutic target for liver cancer and a predictive biomarker of response Mar 14, 2011
With new method, CSHL team is able to infer how tumors evolve and spread Mar 11, 2011
New method powerfully boosts efficiency of RNA interference (RNAi) in shutting down genes Feb 24, 2011
Video: CSHL Professor Fritz Henn discusses the challenge of tracing depression’s circuitry Feb 24, 2011
Neuroscientists find overlooked brain area is an important locus of depression Feb 24, 2011
Study finds a stem cell origin of skin cancer and the genetic lesions that promote its malignancy Feb 04, 2011
CSHL is part of international team that sequences the ‘chocolate’ genome Jan 14, 2011
The Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer Donates $50,000 to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jan 14, 2011
Podcast: CSHL Prof. Thomas Gingeras on new findings about the fly genome and why they are important Dec 23, 2010
Neuroscientists at CSHL show in unprecedented detail how cortical nerve cells form synapses with neighbors Dec 22, 2010
CSHL study finds that a pair of non-coding RNAs triggers formation of a nuclear subcompartment Dec 20, 2010
2010 highlights of CSHL awards and honors Dec 17, 2010
CSHL scientists identify elusive neuronal targets of deep brain stimulation Dec 15, 2010
Bruce Stillman, Ph.D., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s president, wins 2010 Horwitz Prize for seminal work on DNA replication Dec 03, 2010
More than $3 million raised at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory gala Nov 11, 2010
CSHL Board elects Jamie C. Nicholls new Chairman Nov 10, 2010
Neuroscientists closer to understanding how circuits in the brain’s “hearing center” spur responses to sound Oct 18, 2010
Optical technique reveals unexpected complexity in mammalian olfactory coding Oct 18, 2010
Watson School of Biological Sciences Receives Top Marks from the National Research Council Sep 30, 2010
CSHL neuroscientist awarded ‘Transformative’ NIH research grant Sep 30, 2010
New twists in double helix discovery story are uncovered Sep 29, 2010
Rep. Israel, CSHL Pres. Stillman urge quick Congressional action to reverse judicial embryonic stem cell research ban Aug 27, 2010
CSHL Board Elects David Boies New Trustee Aug 20, 2010
New mechanisms of tumor resistance to targeted therapy in lung cancer are discovered Aug 18, 2010
Researchers discover that one type of stem cell creates a niche for another type within bone marrow Aug 12, 2010
Long Island 2 Day Walk Donates $31,000 for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Breast Cancer Research Aug 12, 2010
Adam Kepecs, Ph.D., neuroscientist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, is named a 2010 John Merck Scholar Jul 22, 2010
CSHL researchers demonstrate efficacy of antisense therapy for spinal muscular atrophy Jul 12, 2010
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory team shows how loss of key protein promotes aggressive form of leukemia Jul 01, 2010
CSHL team discovers that messenger RNAs are regulated in far more ways than previously appreciated Jun 25, 2010
Women's Partnership for Science hosts ninth annual lunch and lecture Jun 16, 2010
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory earns ninth consecutive highest rating for sound fiscal management Jun 03, 2010
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory celebrates re-opening of its historic Library May 25, 2010
Scientists for a day: 150 students celebrate National Lab Day at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory May 18, 2010
CSHL team helps Neandertal Genome Project identify differences between Neandertals and modern humans May 06, 2010
Alternative pathway of microRNA generation is uncovered Apr 28, 2010
CSHL scientists discover how a tumor suppressor gene induces cellular senescence and staves off cancer Apr 13, 2010
"Pan-Asian hub" for life scientists to open in Suzhou, China on Tuesday, April 6th Apr 05, 2010
CSHL neuroscientists reverse Alzheimer’s-like memory loss by targeting signaling protein in fruitflies Mar 29, 2010
Single gene dramatically boosts yield and sweetness in tomato hybrids, joint CSHL-Israeli study reports Mar 29, 2010
Graduate Student from CSHL’s Watson School Receives Prestigious Weintraub Award Mar 10, 2010
CSHL-Mexican team coaxes sexually reproducing plant to brink of asexual reproduction Mar 07, 2010
CSHL neuroscientist discovers protein that regulates forgetting of short-term memories Feb 18, 2010
CSHL study identifies potential way to reverse cancer cell metabolism and tumor growth Jan 22, 2010
CSHL cancer researcher Raffaella Sordella awarded 2010 Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award Jan 19, 2010
Genetic cause of devastating disorder is rapidly discovered by CSHL scientists using next-gen sequencing Jan 13, 2010
CSHL scientists uncover role of protein critical for activating DNA replication Jan 07, 2010
CSHL study shows that protein linked to leukemia “bookmarks” highly active genes during cell division Jan 05, 2010
Mystery solved: facial cancer decimating Tasmanian devils likely began in cells protecting nerve fibers Dec 31, 2009
Reference genome of maize, America’s most important crop, is published by team co-led by CSHL scientists Nov 19, 2009
CSHL team solves molecular structure of NMDA receptor subunit that could be target for drugs against neurological diseases Nov 13, 2009
$2.8 million raised at 2009 Double Helix Medals dinner Nov 12, 2009
CSHL study shows that malignant tumors can be shut down after all Nov 09, 2009
Researchers identify drug candidate for treating spinal muscular atrophy Nov 04, 2009
CSHL-led team discovers rare mutation dramatically increasing schizophrenia risk Oct 26, 2009
Using RNAi-based technique, CSHL scientists find new tumor suppressor genes in lymphoma Oct 09, 2009
New York's Gov. Paterson renews commitment to stem cell research in visit to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Oct 09, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory receives more than $22 million in federal stimulus grants Oct 06, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s President Congratulates Alumna on Winning Nobel Prize Oct 05, 2009
CSHL scientists identify protein that enhances long-term memory by controlling rest periods Oct 01, 2009
Two Neuroscientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Awarded "Transformative" NIH Grants Sep 24, 2009
Cited for two of the 'best conferences' in genome biology, CSHL gears up for 2nd annual Personal Genomes meeting Sep 16, 2009
CSHL scientists develop new method to detect copy number variants using DNA sequencing technologies Aug 25, 2009
Swim Across America donates $50,000 for cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Aug 20, 2009
Short- and long-term memories depend on the same gene, acting in different neuronal circuits, CSHL study finds Aug 14, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Adam Kepecs, Ph.D., named a Klingenstein Fellow in the Neurosciences Jul 24, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory surpasses capital campaign goal Jul 15, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory receives its eighth consecutive 4-star rating from Charity Navigator Jul 14, 2009
LIPA presents Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with $224,900 rebate for energy efficiency Jul 02, 2009
Women’s Partnership for Science Eighth Annual Lecture and Lunch Jun 26, 2009
CSHL scientists harness logic of “Sudoku” math puzzle to vastly enhance genome-sequencing capability Jun 25, 2009
New Research Buildings Open at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jun 12, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s 74th Symposium focuses on Evolution in a molecular age Darwin never imagined Jun 11, 2009
CSHL researchers unravel how a protein helps nerve cells recycle neurotransmitter-containing vesicles Jun 03, 2009
Protein linked to mental retardation is found to control synapse maturation, plasticity by CSHL neuroscientists Jun 01, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory participates as judges in the 14th annual Rohm and Haas Invitational Science Fair May 05, 2009
CSHL’s Shilpi Paul, Ph.D. is named SASS Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Research May 05, 2009
CSHL thanks the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation for $500,000 contribution in support of leading-edge cancer research May 05, 2009
Songbird study provides concrete way of measuring biology’s impact on culture, say CSHL, CCNY scientists May 05, 2009
CSHL scientists discover specific small RNA pathways protecting the germ line from genetic parasites May 05, 2009
Watson School of Biological Sciences celebrates 10th anniversary and confers Ph.D.s on its 6th graduating class Apr 30, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory brings New York’s business elite up to speed on the personal genome Apr 28, 2009
Long Island groups raise funds to support local cancer researcher Raffaella Sordella, Ph.D., of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Apr 23, 2009
CSHL-led team identifies key decision-point at which cells with broken DNA repair themselves or die Apr 10, 2009
CSHL researchers explain process by which cells “hide” potentially dangerous DNA segments Apr 09, 2009
Long Island high school students experience the cutting edge of biomedical research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Apr 02, 2009
CSHL team develops mouse models of leukemia that accurately predict response to chemotherapy Apr 01, 2009
CSHL Neuroscientists Propose Project to Comprehensively Map Mammalian Brain Circuits Mar 31, 2009
CSHL’s Dolan DNA Learning Center launches G2C Online website to explain human brain to students, patients, general public Mar 13, 2009
Scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory participate as judges at the East Woods School 2009 Science fair Mar 09, 2009
Structure-building role for two non-coding RNAs is pinpointed by CSHL scientists Mar 03, 2009
Scientists at CSHL discover mobile small RNAs that set up leaf patterning in plants Mar 01, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Announces 2009 Public Walking Tour Schedule Feb 26, 2009
Adam Kepecs, Ph.D., CSHL Neuroscientist, Is Named an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow Feb 20, 2009
CSHL researchers identify gene whose function explains how plant cells keep tiny communication channels open Feb 17, 2009
CSHL scientists discover how “companion” cells to sperm protect them from genetic damage Feb 06, 2009
CSHL scientists discover link between control of chromosome duplication and segregation Feb 06, 2009
The Christina Renna Foundation presents Dr. Linda Van Aelst of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with a $17,300 check Jan 28, 2009
CSHL scientists clarify “editing error” underlying a devastating genetic neurodegenerative disease Jan 28, 2009
CSHL scientists find a new class of small RNAs and define its function Jan 27, 2009
CSHL scientists discover new way in which ubiquitin modifies transcriptional machinery to regulate gene activity Dec 17, 2008
CSHL researchers map changing epigenetic modifications that enable mobile genetic elements to run amok Dec 10, 2008
Local High School Debaters Battle Over “GM Foods” at CSHL’s Dolan DNA Learning Center Dec 08, 2008
Long Island groups donate over $93,000 for breast cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Dec 05, 2008
CSHL scientists discover a new way in which epigenetic information is inherited Dec 01, 2008
CSHL Scientists show how a protein that orients cells in breast tissue prevent them from becoming cancerous Nov 26, 2008
Scientists at CSHL uncover new RNA processing mechanism and a class of previously unknown small RNAs Nov 26, 2008
Three Studies by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientists appear in the latest issue of Cell Nov 26, 2008
Bank of America Charitable Foundation Grant Provides Hands-On Genetics Education to Underserved Long Island Students Nov 20, 2008
Science teams at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory identify 13 new tumor-suppressor genes in liver cancer Nov 17, 2008
$3.6 Million Raised at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s 2008 Double Helix Medals Dinner Nov 11, 2008
Experiments at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory support alternative theory of information processing in the cortex Oct 15, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists Trace a Novel Way Cells are Modified in Cancer Oct 02, 2008
Financial Industry Pioneers Give Major Boost to Next-Frontier Effort at CSHL in Quantitative Biology Sep 24, 2008
Researchers Find an Essential Gene for Forming Ears of Corn Sep 23, 2008
Ribbon Is Cut on Harlem DNA Lab, Bringing 21st-Century Molecular Biology to NYC Public School Kids and Their Teachers Sep 23, 2008
CSHL team traces extensive regulatory networks that help determine how certain RNA messages are alternatively “spliced” Sep 19, 2008
CSHL scientists identify new drug target against virulent type of breast cancer Aug 25, 2008
Senescence in Liver Cells is Found by CSHL Scientists to Help Limit Acute Tissue Damage Aug 21, 2008
CSHL Neuroscientists Glimpse How the Brain Decides What to Believe Aug 11, 2008
CSHL Holds “Topping” Ceremony for $100 Million Research Complex Jul 22, 2008
CSHL Scientists Correlate Enzyme Expression Levels With Chemotherapy Drug Response Jul 18, 2008
Scientists Demonstrate Means of Reducing Alzheimer’s-like Plaques in Fly Brain Jul 14, 2008
Scientists Discover Key Patterns in the Packaging of Genes Jul 11, 2008
150 Gather for Exclusive Sound-side Lunch to Support Women Pursuing Biomedical Research Careers Jul 09, 2008
James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Faculty Award Established at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jul 01, 2008
Neuroscientists Show Insulin Receptor Signaling Regulates Structure and Function of Brain Circuits Jun 18, 2008
CSHL Scientists Trace Causal Link Between a Tumor Suppressor Gene and Liver Cancer Jun 02, 2008
Lab Goes Latin! May 30, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists Identify A Mechanism That Helps Fruit Flies Lock-In Memories May 28, 2008
Leemor Joshua-Tor, Ph.D., Cold Spring Harbor Structural Biologist And Watson School Dean, Is Named An HHMI Investigator May 27, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Scientists Reveal A Protein’s Role in Enabling AIDS Virus to Reproduce May 23, 2008
Scientists Discover a Molecular Scaffold That Guides Connections Between Brain Cells May 20, 2008
Scientists Discover New Class of Small RNAs That Regulate Gene Expression and Protect the Genome May 13, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Scientists Are Part of Consortium That Sequences Platypus Genome, Unlocking Secrets of Evolution May 08, 2008
Bruce Stillman, Ph.D., President of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences May 02, 2008
Scientists Find Stem Cells For the First Time in the Pituitary Apr 28, 2008
The Don Monti Foundation Awards $500,000 Grant to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Apr 25, 2008
Scientists Discover a Mechanism That Can Send Cells on the Road to Cancer Apr 22, 2008
Scientists Clarify a Mechanism of Epigenetic Inheritance Apr 22, 2008
Watson School of Biological Sciences Culminates Commencement Weekend Conferring Degrees on Its Fifth Graduating Class Apr 21, 2008
Oliver Sacks, Eric Kandel and Paul G. Allen to Receive Honorary Degrees at Watson School of Biological Sciences’ Commencement Apr 11, 2008
Scientists Find a Fingerprint of Evolution Across the Human Genome Apr 08, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists Devise Potential Approach To Treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy Apr 04, 2008
iPlant Kickoff Conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Begins Tackling Plant Biology's Grand Challenges Apr 04, 2008
CSHL Scientists Part of Multi-Institution Team That Discovers Role of Rare Gene Mutations in Schizophrenia Mar 28, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Opens Doors to Public Feb 29, 2008
CSHL Ranks In Top One Percent Of Institutions Impacting Future Biomedical Diagnoses and Treatments Feb 25, 2008
Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Discover New Details of a Gene-Regulatory Network Governing Metabolism Feb 22, 2008
Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Hone Method To Selectively Target Cancer Genes and Cells Feb 21, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory To Play Central Role Addressing Key Questions In Plant Biology Jan 30, 2008
Christina Renna Foundation Presents Inaugural Grant To Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for Pediatric Cancer Research Jan 29, 2008
Scientists At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Make Progress In Determining How The Brain Selectively Interprets Sound Jan 29, 2008
New Leadership at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience Jan 28, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Researchers Race Against Time To Save Tasmanian Devils Jan 28, 2008
New York State Supports Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Expansion and Stem-cell Research Jan 11, 2008
Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Identify Cells That Promote Formation of Lethal Lung Metastases Jan 10, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Innovative Lung Cancer Research Program Awarded $100,000 Grant Jan 09, 2008
Unexpected Sensitivity of Brain Circuits Is Revealed by Neuroscientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jan 08, 2008
Joni Gladowsky Breast Cancer Foundation Funds Innovative Breast Cancer Research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jan 08, 2008
Saturday DNA! Program Unravels Genetic Mysteries for Children and Adults Jan 03, 2008
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists Report Ability to Identify and Repress Breast Cancer Stem Cells in Mouse Tissue Dec 17, 2007
Brain Stem Cells Sensitive to Space Radiation Dec 11, 2007
CSHL Scientist Recognized for Accelerating Cancer Gene Research Dec 06, 2007
$3.1 Million Raised at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s 2007 Double Helix Medals Dinner Nov 21, 2007
NIH Awards Grant to Cancer Education Program At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Dolan DNA Learning Center Nov 14, 2007
Team of Scientists Develops Non-Invasive Method to Track Nerve-Cell Development in Live Human Brain Nov 08, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Scientists Devise Novel, Low-Cost Method of Sifting Genome’s High-Value Regions Nov 06, 2007
Dr. James D. Watson Retires as Chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Oct 25, 2007
Statement by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees and President Bruce Stillman, Ph.D. Regarding Dr. Watson’s Comments in The Sunday Times on October 14, 2007 Oct 18, 2007
Statement by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees and President Bruce Stillman, Ph.D. Regarding Dr. Watson’s Comments in The Sunday Times on October 14, 2007 Oct 17, 2007
Nobel Laureates and Laurel Hollow Mayor participate in Groundbreaking Ceremony for Expanded Library and Archives Oct 16, 2007
Gregory Hannon Wins 2007 Paul Marks Prize for Contributions to Understanding and Treating Cancer Oct 12, 2007
Researchers Discover Three New Genes That Cause Lung Cancer Oct 08, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Awarded Highest Independent Rating for Sound Fiscal Management Aug 09, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, DuPont Join Forces to Boost Crop Yields, Meet Global Demand Jul 31, 2007
New Model for Autism Suggests Women Carry the Disorder and Explains Age as a Risk Factor Jul 23, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, CompuCyte Corporation Establish Regional Quantitative Imaging Cytometry Center Jun 29, 2007
Watson Genotype Viewer Now On Line Jun 28, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Announces New Dean Jun 25, 2007
Psychiatric Genomics Center Established at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with $25 million gift from the Stanley Medical Research Institute Jun 22, 2007
CSHL Awarded Pre-College Science Education Grant by Howard Hughes Medical Institute Jun 21, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists Successfully Target Tumor Microenvironment to Stop Cancer Growth Jun 15, 2007
Study Shows Big Power of Small RNAs, Not Just Proteins, in Halting Cancer Jun 06, 2007
Nobel Laureate James Watson Receives Personal Genome In Ceremony at Baylor College of Medicine May 31, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Links Activity in Brain Synapses and Developmental Abnormalities with Schizophrenia Gene May 24, 2007
CSHL Selected for modENCODE Data Coordination Center May 15, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Announces An Additional Cultural Series Lecture on Autism May 15, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory President Wins Curtin Medal May 03, 2007
DNA Learning Center Launches DNA Today Podcast Series May 02, 2007
April 25 is National DNA Day Apr 20, 2007
2007 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Science Walking Tours Mar 21, 2007
CSHL Scientists Confirm Genetic Distinction Between Heritable and Sporadic Cases of Autism Mar 15, 2007
CSHL Shows Correcting RNA Splicing May Help Treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy Mar 12, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Announces 2007 Cultural Series Mar 06, 2007
CSHL Research Ties Harmless Viruses to Cancer Feb 22, 2007
CSHL Researchers Show RNA Splicing Factor May Be New Target for Cancer Therapy Feb 08, 2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists Discover New Gene That Prevents Multiple Types of Cancer Feb 08, 2007
CSHL Collaboration Suggests New Strategy to Treat Resistant Cancers Jan 24, 2007
James D. Watson Sets the Record Straight on January 2007 Esquire Interview Jan 19, 2007
Science Soirees: Conversations on Science and Society Launched to Inspire Non-Scientists Jan 19, 2007
CSHL molecular biologist honored by National Academy of Sciences Jan 17, 2007
Genomic ‘firestorms’ underlie aggressive breast cancer progression Dec 01, 2006
Waltz of the Polypeptides Joins CSHL's Art of Science Collection Nov 21, 2006
CSHL Raises $2.5 Million at Inaugural Double Helix Medals Event & Launches $200 Million Capital Campaign Nov 09, 2006
CSHL Receives Nanomedicine Center Grant Oct 23, 2006
The Starr Foundation Launches Multi-Institutional Cancer Consortium to Spur Transformation in Research and Treatment Sep 21, 2006
Former CSHL Scientist Wins Lasker Award Sep 17, 2006
Masthead Cove Yacht Club Raises Sails (and Funds) for Ovarian Cancer Research Aug 27, 2006
Location, Location, Location! Aug 17, 2006
Lumera Invited to Demonstrate its ProteomicProcessor™ at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jun 30, 2006
New Clues to Liver Cancer Jun 30, 2006
OSI Pharmaceuticals Foundation Awards Grant to Dolan DNA Learning Center Jun 23, 2006
Two CSHL Post-Docs Receive NARSAD Young Investigator Awards Jun 23, 2006
Women’s Partnership for Science Luncheon Has Fifth Successful Year Jun 23, 2006
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Launches CSH Protocols Jun 16, 2006
William Tansey Honored by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Jun 07, 2006
Prozac's Target Revealed May 15, 2006
Scott Livingston Joins DNALC Board Apr 18, 2006
Watson School of Biological Sciences Commencement Scheduled for April 30, 2006 Apr 12, 2006
Genentech Donates $2.5 Million to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Apr 05, 2006
Dolan DNA Learning Center – Saturday DNA programs Mar 31, 2006
Stopping Mad Cow Disease with RNA Interference Mar 20, 2006
Faster, Stronger…Genetically Modified? Mar 13, 2006
2006 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cultural Series Begins March 14 Mar 07, 2006
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Earns Unprecedented Ranking Jan 12, 2006
Why the Brain Has "Gray Matter" Dec 30, 2005
Scott Lowe Wins Paul Marks Prize for Important Contributions to the Understanding of Cancer Nov 17, 2005
Bird Flu and the Global Threat of Emerging Respiratory Diseases Nov 16, 2005
Dr. David Mu Researches Lung Cancer in Women with Grant from Joan’s Legacy Nov 11, 2005
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Named a 2006 Beneficiary of the Long Island 2 Day Walk To Fight Breast Cancer Nov 11, 2005
NIH and Advocacy Groups Funds Autism Research at CSHL Nov 08, 2005
Common Viruses May Cause Cancer Nov 07, 2005
Dolan DNA Learning Center To Produce Content For BiosciEdNet Collaborative Nov 07, 2005
Catalog of Human Genetic Variation Speeds Disease Research Oct 27, 2005
Researchers Discover New Gene Regulation Mechanism: Oct 20, 2005
"Gramene" Database Facilitates Global Agricultural Research Oct 13, 2005
Motown Icon Smokey Robinson To Perform at CSHL’s Benefit for the Brain II Sep 29, 2005
Dr. Holly Cline Receives 2005 NIH Director’s Pioneer Award Sep 29, 2005
NCGR, CSHL, and TIGR Announce NSF funding for semantic web development for plant biologist Sep 29, 2005
Six Local High School Students Partner with CSHL on Biomedical Research Sep 13, 2005
Gene Loss Accelerates Aging Aug 16, 2005
Feeding the World: Aug 15, 2005
Harrison's Heart Foundation Honors Niki Gregory at its 2005 Annual Gala Dinner Dance Aug 01, 2005
Structural Basis of Malaria Infection: Jul 28, 2005
The Genetic Origins of Corn on the Cob: Jul 24, 2005
CSHL Libraries and Archives Hosts “Memories Under the Moonlight” Jul 21, 2005
Jim and Marilyn Simons Donate $11 million Towards Landmark Autism Initiative at CSHL Jul 20, 2005
Nassau County Senate Delegation Breaks Ground for Biotechnology at CSHL Jul 14, 2005
Study Establishes New Class of Cancer-Causing Genes: Researchers link aberrant "microRNA" expression to human cancer Jun 09, 2005
Two Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Researchers Win NARSAD Awards May 17, 2005
Father Tom Funds Parkinson’s Research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory May 09, 2005
Good Vibes Resound at JAZZ at the LAB May 04, 2005
Seeds of Change: The Legacy of Barbara McClintock Immortalized by the USPS May 02, 2005
Greg Hannon Awarded the 2005 AACR Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research Apr 27, 2005
Zachary Lippman, 2005 Watson School Graduate, Lives a “Larger-Than” Life Apr 17, 2005
Pfizer Long Island 2 Day Walk To Fight Breast Cancer Announces April Training Schedule Apr 05, 2005
Second Watson School of Biological Sciences Class Graduates on April 17, 2005 Apr 05, 2005
CSHL and Farmingdale State University of New York Juxtapose Music, Art and Science Apr 04, 2005
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Announces Harold M. Weintraub Awardees Mar 22, 2005
Cold Spring Harbor Main Street Association Paints the Town Pink Mar 22, 2005
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Taps Two Long Island Researchers as Among the Nation's Most Promising Scientists Mar 21, 2005
Researchers Uncover Scaffolds in the Brain's Wiring Diagram Mar 01, 2005
Second Annual “Long Island 2 Day Walk to Fight Breast Cancer” Scheduled for June 4-5 Mar 01, 2005
New Clues to the Mechanism of Short-Term Memory Feb 18, 2005
Singers (and Parents) Take Note: Worst (Songbird) Rehearsals Precede Best Debut Performances Feb 17, 2005
1 in 9 and Michael’s Haven Present Grants To Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Feb 03, 2005
Dolan DNA Learning Center Grant Will Connect Research, Education and Technology Feb 01, 2005
The World is a Song: How Music Led to a Theory of Human Intelligence Jan 24, 2005
CSHL Joins Innovative New York Academy of Sciences Program Jan 07, 2005
Believe in Magic at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s First “Benefit for the Brain” Dec 30, 2004
New Officers Elected to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees Dec 08, 2004
Father Tom Hartman and Dr. James Watson Announce Partnership to Find a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease Oct 25, 2004
An “immediately open access” option for authors of papers in the leading journal Genome Research Sep 27, 2004
Cold Spring Harbor Researchers Awarded $200,000 in Research Grants Sep 23, 2004
NY Plant Genomics “Dream Team” Secures $5 Million NSF Grant Sep 20, 2004
CSHL Neuroscientist Named to "Brilliant Ten" List Sep 20, 2004
Alzheimer’s Symposium Meets Demand on Long Island Aug 23, 2004
L.I.A.B.C. Serves Up Another Successful Tennis Tournament Aug 20, 2004
SMA Foundation Brings Experienced Researcher to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jul 30, 2004
The Beak of the Squid*: Researchers Reveal Argonaute2 Protein as the Catalytic Engine of Mammalian RNA Interference Jul 28, 2004
Researchers Uncover Surprising Degree of Large-Scale Variation in the Human Genome: Jul 22, 2004
Third Time’s A Charm: Women’s Partnership for Science Luncheon Successful Again Jul 20, 2004
CSHL Press Textbooks Required for Purdue University’s New H.O.T. Biology Lab Courses Jul 09, 2004
New Appointments At Watson School of Biological Sciences Mark Second Generation of Leadership Jul 01, 2004
Founding Dean of Watson School of Biological Sciences Resigns To Pursue Research Jul 01, 2004
Congresswoman McCarthy Observes Appropriations In Use At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jun 30, 2004
United States Rice Genome Consortia Awarded USDA Secretary’s Honor Award Jun 25, 2004
NARSAD Funds Two Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Researchers Jun 23, 2004
Cold Spring Harbor Scientist Bruce Stillman Awarded Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. Prize Jun 10, 2004
International Consortium Launches New Web-Based Tool: Jun 02, 2004
Sabin Vaccine Institute Honors DNA Scientist James Watson May 14, 2004
First Watson School Students to Graduate on April 25, 2004 Apr 15, 2004
RNA Interference Library Covers Entire Human Genome Mar 24, 2004
Combination Therapy Drives Cancer into Remission Mar 17, 2004
Visualizing the Central Dogma Mar 05, 2004
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s 2004 Cultural Series Celebrating A Century of Genetic Research Mar 01, 2004
Dolan DNA Learning Center’s DNA Interactive wins Academy Award Mar 01, 2004
MetLife Foundation Award for Medical Research Recognizes Alzheimer’s Disease Research Feb 23, 2004
Swartz Foundation Establishes Computational Neuroscience Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Feb 12, 2004
Lincoln Stein Named 2004 Benjamin Franklin Award in Bioinformatics Laureate Feb 12, 2004
AACR-National Foundation for Cancer Research Professorship in Basic Cancer Research Awarded Feb 11, 2004
Genome Technology’s Institute of the Year is “Long Island’s Genomics Gem” Jan 14, 2004
Less is More: New Technology Captures Gene-Rich DNA Segments Dec 18, 2003
Plotting a Course to Understanding Human Health: International HapMap Project Begins the Cartography of Human Genome Variation Dec 17, 2003
Bruce Stillman Named President of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Dec 01, 2003
New Grant Increases Understanding of Fragile X Nov 26, 2003
CSHL Researchers Receive Research Support Nov 26, 2003
The Gift of Giving Packaged In Cold Spring Harbor, A 2004 Calendar Nov 19, 2003
Who Moved My Cheese!? Oct 20, 2003
Collaborative Grant Propels Leukemia Research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Oct 05, 2003
Powerful New Method Helps Reveal Genetic Basis of Cancer, Plus Surprising Differences in "Normal" DNA Sep 16, 2003
Fashion As Unique As Your DNA Sep 05, 2003
Nitric Oxide Regulates Stem Cell Division in the Adult Brain Jul 28, 2003
Unique Collaboration Offers A Rare Opportunity To Spend A Day With DNA Jun 27, 2003
New York Women Become Mentors To Local Scientists Jun 27, 2003
Scientific American 2002 Science and Technology Web Award Jun 14, 2003
Silent DNA Architecture Helps Block Cancer Cell Growth Jun 13, 2003
"Origins" Project Features CSHL May 28, 2003
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Renews Support for CSHL Postgraduate Courses May 15, 2003
CSHL Library and Archives Co-Organizes DNA exhibit at New York Public Library May 11, 2003
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's 2003 Cultural Series Honors DNA Discovery May 08, 2003
Researchers Discover New Breast Cancer Gene Mar 26, 2003
Dolan DNA Learning Center Launches DNA Interactive Website Feb 28, 2003
Pavlov's Flies: Researchers Identify Fruit Fly Memory Mutants Feb 17, 2003
Using RNA Interference to Tune Gene Activity in Stem Cells: New Method for the Study and Treatment of Disease Feb 02, 2003
CSHL Receives Top Ranking in Ten-Year Survey of Research Impact Feb 01, 2003
Researchers Achieve Germline Transmission of RNAi "Gene Knockdown" in Mice Jan 19, 2003
Designer Molecules Correct RNA Splicing Defects Jan 12, 2003
"Breakthrough of the Year" Recognition Goes to CSHL Scientists Dec 19, 2002
Researchers Reveal New Secrets of the Brain Dec 18, 2002
Mouse Genome Published: Medical Research to Benefit Dec 04, 2002
Researchers Discover New Breast Cancer Gene Oct 06, 2002
Study Reveals Clues to Brain Development: Visual Stimulation Triggers Nerve Cell Branching Oct 02, 2002
The Dolan DNA Learning Center Presents "The Genes We Share" Children and Adults Can Explore the Human Genome in this New Interactive Exhibit Sep 16, 2002
All in the Family: CSHL Alumni Association Founded Sep 16, 2002
Dr. Hollis Cline Appointed as Associate Director for Research Aug 27, 2002
Dr. Winship Herr steps down as Assistant Director to devote his efforts to the Watson School of Biological Sciences Aug 27, 2002
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Teams with Singapore's Ministry of Education to Improve Life Sciences Education in Singapore Aug 21, 2002
Cancer Genetics & Tumor Suppressor Genes Meeting Aug 14, 2002
Scientists and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Fight HIV/AIDS in Africa Jul 09, 2002
Bioterrorism Panel Discussion at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Jun 04, 2002
2002 CSHL Symposium Focuses on Cardiovascular System May 28, 2002
Scientists Enhance Fruit Fly Memory Using Mouse Protein May 26, 2002
Retrovirologists Gather at CSHL May 20, 2002
Nobel Laureate to Deliver Keynote Address at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory May 13, 2002
Top Genome Researchers Gather at Cold Spring Harbor May 07, 2002
Scientists Report Efficient "Gene Silencing" Strategy Apr 14, 2002
New Technique Speeds Gene Research in Mammalian Cells Jan 29, 2002
Scientists Reveal Key Trigger of Fat Cell Development Jan 01, 2002
New Book Distills Essence of Gene Regulation (and more) Dec 18, 2001
Neuroscientist Receives Grand Prize at Nobel Ceremony Dec 05, 2001
Finding Genes in the Human Genome Nov 28, 2001
Scientists Reveal Role for Nitric Oxide During Brain Development Nov 14, 2001
"Histone Code" Joins Genetic Code as Critical Determinant of Chromosomal Inheritance Aug 09, 2001
Rescuing Cells from the Brink of Death (or Pushing Them Over It) Jul 11, 2001
Scientists Switch Memory Recall On and Off in Fruit Flies May 23, 2001
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientist Elected Fellow of Royal Society May 14, 2001
RNA Splicing Study Aids Understanding of Breast Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis and Other Diseases Apr 16, 2001
New Clue for Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Melanoma Jan 10, 2001
Scientists Report First Complete Genome Sequence of a Plant Dec 13, 2000
Scientists Reveal Details of Brain Cell Communication: Implications for Learning & Memory Nov 29, 2000
The silence of the clones: new link between DNA replication and 'silent' chromosome architecture Nov 08, 2000
Scientists Issue Telomerase Caution Jun 14, 2000
Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Elected to National Academy of Sciences May 04, 2000
Movies of Intact Brain Reveal How Sensory Experience Shapes Neural Connections Apr 19, 2000
New Link Uncovered in Nerve Cell Mechanism Thought to Power Learning and Memory Mar 23, 2000
Maternal Genes Rule During Early Development Mar 03, 2000
Web Site Opens Window on Dark Episode in American Science Feb 11, 2000
Scientists Report First Complete DNA Sequence of Plant Chromosomes Dec 15, 1999
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Celebrates Opening of Watson School of Biological Sciences Nov 05, 1999
Study of Tumor Suppressor Protein Yields New Clues to Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Oct 15, 1999
Online, Self-paced Genetics Education: Section 2 Jul 29, 1999
World's First Portable Bioinformatics Teaching Laboratory Jul 15, 1999
Two Members of the First Class of the Watson School of Biological Sciences are Awarded Howard Hughes Medical Institute Predoctoral Fellowships Jun 28, 1999
Receptors Unleashed! Key Event in Learning and Memory May Be Receptor Delivery to Synapses Jun 15, 1999