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HT Summer 2016

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On the cover:
Junwei Shi of the Vakoc lab points to a binding pocket on the surface of a protein called BRD4 that when blocked causes leukemia cells to die. Shi discovered a way to use the CRISPR gene editing tool to compile a comprehensive catalog of such binding sites, across cancer cell types.


CRISPR transforms search for cancer targets

The Vakoc lab has applied a transformative gene editing tool to find the best cancer drug targets

Publishing evolved

The preprint server for biology reaches critical mass

Watson School 2016 Ph.D.s

One experiment

How the breast “remembers” a first pregnancy

Research profile: Robert Martienssen

Pioneering research on how epigenetic mechanisms regulate genes and protect genomes

And the beat goes on

Jim Watson establishes an annual tribute to the latest in DNA science

Faculty & Friends

Regeneron President elected CSHL Trustee

CSHL neuroscience faculty on IARPA brain map

Sheltzer wins Early Independence Award

Cocktails & Chromosomes—join us!

Honorary degrees to statesman and scholar


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